Hiring Process

Our hiring process is designed to help candidates match their career aspirations with the positions available.

It is structured in a way which lets the firm take a panoramic view of the qualifications, experience and other important traits, such as the desire to learn, team coordination, ethical behavior, respect for values, etc., before making a choice.

Our Process

01. Job Search Process

All vacancies are announced in this website. You can locate the positions that best match your skills, qualifications and aptitude, and apply online or attach your CV to the email ID provided. Even if you do not find an immediate vacancy, you may still apply if you think that you can contribute to the services we provide. If there is a suitable position available, our HR will inform you to appear for an interview.

02. Candidate Matching Process

Our recruiting teams work hard to carefully review each profile and if an appropriate match is found, the next step is an interview with COI Company.

03. CV Screening Process

The CVs that reach the HR are by reviewed by specialists and then forwarded to the relevant department for the first round of interviews. Different factors like experience, education, skills, etc. are considered during this process.

04. Interview Process

This process starts with an one-on-one interview with a member of the relevant department. If you qualify, you need to appear for a technical interview conducted by a senior person from the relevant Business Department. This process assesses whether you suit the organization as an individual. If you qualify, a partner or a leader of a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) will conduct the final round of interview. If approved, the HR will trigger the process of working out the compensation package, offer letter and finalizing the date of joining.

05. Realistic Job Preview

As part of our commitment to our candidates, we will share a 'realistic job preview' of the position during the interview. This will include our expectations, and work hours required to perform duties effectively. We believe it is important to avoid any 'surprises' after a candidate joins the firm.

06. Pre-Employment Screening

Individuals who are hired by COI Company will go through a comprehensive background screening process before they join the firm. It is important to us and to our clients, that we employ only those people who meet our standards.

07. Interview Preparation Suggestions

There are several ways to prepare for an interview. First you need to assess your skills and qualifications and then figure out how best they can add value to COI. To do this, you need to study the organization and the industry well. You can start by surfing coicompany.com portal. The next step will be to communicate it forcefully during your interview or in the cover letter of your application. Also, do not forget to mention your achievements, as these help us assess you better.

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